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Welcome to 7 Stars

We Are Gladly Provide you the Hotels Phone Number in Guangxi Area for 5 Stars, 4 Stars, 3 Stars, 2 Stars And 1 Star Hotels

5 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Grand Mercure Baolong ShanghaiGuangxi5 Star(+86)7792062288
Guanxi Wharton International HotelGuangxi5 Star(+86)7712111888
Gui Jing HotelGuangxi5 Star(+86)7715806666
Guilin Merry-landresort HotelGuangxi5 Star(+86)7736229898
Guilinlijiangwaterfall HotelGuangxi5 Star(+86)7732822881
Guilinshratom HotelGuangxi5 Star(+86)7732825588
Minyuan Xindu HotelGuangxi5 Star(+86)7712118668
Nanning HotelGuangxi5 Star(+86)7712103888
Royalgarden HotelGuangxi5 Star(+86)7733118888
Yongjiang HotelGuangxi5 Star(+86)7712180888

4 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Jin Hua Houtel GuangxiGuangxi4 Star(+86)7712088888
Jin Hua Houtel GuangxiGuangxi4 Star(+86)7712088888
Jindu HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7712108188
Jindu HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7712108188
Minyuan HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7712118668
Minyuan HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7712118668
Phoenix Hotel Of Guangxi NanningGuangxi4 Star(+86)7712119888
Phoenix Hotel Of Guangxi NanningGuangxi4 Star(+86)7712119888
Transcentury HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7715519200
Asean Internationnal HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7715803988
Hawaii Inernational HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7715885538
Jingdu HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7722300188
Li Jing HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7722808888
Liuzhou HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7722828336
Guilinpark HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7732558899
Guilinbravo HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7732823950
Ronghu HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7732893811
Goldengragonairinegrand HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7733868888
Guilingoldendrangun HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7735808888
Guishan Jasper HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7735813388
GuilinplajaGuangxi4 Star(+86)7735882688
Longshengwenquan HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7737482888
Yangshuotangrenjie HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7738818989
ParadesaGuangxi4 Star(+86)7738822109
Yu Lin HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7752835988
Guangxi Guigang International HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7754558888
Jinnanhai HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7787827857
Gofar Garden Paris Hotel BeihaiGuangxi4 Star(+86)7792022788
Furama Hotel BeihaiGuangxi4 Star(+86)7792082888
Beihai International Hotel JiatianxiaGuangxi4 Star(+86)7793065666
Beihai Lizhu International HotelGuangxi4 Star(+86)7793080888
Beach Hotel BeihaiGuangxi4 Star(+86)7793888888

3 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Dong Run HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7707661888
Dongxing Tonkingulf HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7707692088
Dongxing Zhe Jiang Shang Ye Cheng HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7707672927
Fangcfeng International Yingbin hotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7702800388
Guangxi Fangcheng Gang City Hengtai HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7702800888
Souther City HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7703299999
Tian Yi HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7703298888
Yin Hai HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7707690909
Chang Hu HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7715758888
Chang Hu HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7715758888
Chang Long HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712269888
Chang Long HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712269888
Da Wang Tan Holiday VillageGuangxi3 Star(+86)7714778533
Diamond Coast Seafood HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712028988
Fu Man Di HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712195888
Green City HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712020888
Guangxi Fucai HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7715634388
Guangxi Xin-hua HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712085818
Hai Lang Wan HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7716110000
Hua Xia HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712104888
Hua Xing HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712621419
Jin Hua Cha HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712238688
Jin Lang HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712198688
Man Jiang Hong HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7715752688
March Flower HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7715703036
Mekong HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712022811
Naning Kailai HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712088088
Nanning Heng Chuan HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712198388
Nanning Jinhegong HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712187324
Nanning Tianhu HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712195588
Nanning Yong Kai HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7713936089
Nanning Yongzhou HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712101088
Rich Guests Hotel Of Nanning GuangxiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7715800000
SanzanhotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712026999
Song Yuan Jin HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7715761111
Sunshine Holiday HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7715810388
Wanxing HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712102888
Xiang Yun HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712101999
Yin He HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712116688
Ytian Fei Business HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7712080888
Zhuang Yuan Po HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7715758010
Huaxi HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7722628259
Jiao Tong HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7723832486
Liuzhou HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7722308888
Liuzhou Nanjiang HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7723612988
Liuzhou Zhongjiao MansionGuangxi3 Star(+86)7722828128
Liuzhou Zhongjiao MansionGuangxi3 Star(+86)7722832888
Yan'an Grand HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7723615008
Zefeng HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7722800288
Cuiyuan HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7733850288
FengyuyanhotelvlpbuildingGuangxi3 Star(+86)7737122192
Goldenelephand HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7732808888
Guilin Diamond HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7733822333
Guilin Fubo HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7732569898
Guilin Hotel Of Post And TelcomGuangxi3 Star(+86)7735862516
Guilin Kainingsevenstars HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7735812311
Guilin Shanshui HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7735815151
Guilintailian HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7732892888
Guixing HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7735815400
Hongkong HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7733866666
Hoteluniversal GuilinGuangxi3 Star(+86)7732828228
Hotspring HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7737128888
Huaqiao HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7735848228
Jingdu HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7733559998
Jingxiu HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7732869818
Jinsangzi HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7732127186
Mingcheng HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7732828331
Newplaza HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7732158888
Osmanthus HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7733834300
Shanhu HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7732890089
Swan HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7733559988
Yangshuonewcentury HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7738829703
Yangshuoregencyholiday HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7738817198
Alixiang HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7748232780
Cenxi Ronghu HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7748219668
Hezhou New Century HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7745101688
Wufeng HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7742812888
Wuzhou HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7742048888
Wuzhou New Century HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7742812333
Zhongshan Yingbin HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7748987388
De Li HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7752691436
East Century HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7752885588
Gangdu Hotel GuigangGuangxi3 Star(+86)7754205658
Gongda VillaGuangxi3 Star(+86)7753393399
Guangxi Guigang Kaiyue HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7754296988
Guigang Grand HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7754210088
Hai De HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7758235018
Hot Spring Nine Dragons Mountain VillaGuangxi3 Star(+86)7752942388
Jiangbei HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7752922585
Jin Li HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7756232098
Jin Yuan HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7752888889
Jing Tong HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7756352029
Yi Jing HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7752880101
Zhen Lin HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7752832388
Jindu HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7762881180
Pingguo Aluminium HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7765805984
Ruifeng HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7762881688
Sichuan HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7762931898
Jinwan HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7772886521
Qinzhou Zhengyuan HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7773888103
Hechi HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7782283566
Liusanjie Resort HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7783318188
Yunwei HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7782598388
Beihai Highway HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793087600
Beihai Lianggan HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7792086665
Beihai Liyuan International HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793208816
Beihai Shilin HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793908088
Beihai Silver Beach Holiday HotelGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793899388
Caiyun Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793899500
Dream Island Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793922088
Gofar Hualian Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793087888
Golden Port Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793897288
Guest House BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7792080880
Honghua Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793897888
Huaqiao Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793081588
Luhai Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7792212008
Mingdu Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793996666
Mingzhu Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793893968
Red Forest Hotel Hepu BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7797200608
Skylake Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793888779
Yinguwang Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793881733
Zhongyu Hotel BeihaiGuangxi3 Star(+86)7793903388

2 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Boyu HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7338681118
Dan E HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7715659023
Education Hotel Of NanningGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712806056
Fu Li Holiday HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7714012000
Golden Century HoetlGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712205588
Golden Century HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7717822699
Guangxi Center For Scientific ActivitiesGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712093888
Guangxi Hengxian Hengxian Jasmine HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7717200928
Guangxi Qubai Hotel Guangxi Nanning Bai Li Jia Hotel Guangxi2 Star(+86)7712191038
Gui Yan HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712410431
Hai Tian HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712188668
Jiang Nan HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7714821054
Lei Yu HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7713134686
Lian Hua HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712193999
Lin Yuan HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712426839
Long'an Electricity MansionGuangxi2 Star(+86)7716523698
Longzhou HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7718810339
Lu Yong HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7713133282
Nan Hua HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712183888
Nanning Weining Ecosystem Park Co,ltdGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712025358
New Vantone HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712187988
Ningming Huashan HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7718621050
Pingxiang Jinliancheng HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7718561880
Pingxiang Xiangxing HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7718521031
Pu Ti Shan ZhuangGuangxi2 Star(+86)7714842742
Railway Hotel Of NanningGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712117188
San An Bao HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712097488
San Tian Bao HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712097666
Shuolong Jiari HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7713773768
The Peony HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7717226828
Wen Li HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712350098
Wuming HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7716222866
Xiang Ge Li HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712219988
Yin Bin HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7714516200
Yin Lin Shang ZhuangGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712022228
Ying Bin HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712116288
You Dian HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712831633
You Jiang HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712028188
Yuan Hu HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712102183
Yun Zhao HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712191918
Zhen Ning HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7712618088
Liuzhou Liugang HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7722592499
Liuzhou Oriental HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7723833369
Liuzhou Tianlong HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7722831808
Liuzhou Wuling HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7723750392
Beijixingxing HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7732175188
Guilin Nanyuan HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7733559666
Guilin Taihelou HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7733557402
Guilin Tianhu HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7733840360
Guilin Tiedao HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7733832308
GuilinoverseaschinesemansionGuangxi2 Star(+86)7733830212
Hongyuan HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7736217882
Hotspring HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7737482682
Liangmao HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7732251691
Lingui HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7733835662
Longsheng HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7737517718
Longsheng HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7737512503
Taihe HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7733835504
Tianmen HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7734316868
Xinguiyuan HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7732639258
Xinhua HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7738218788
Yeniu HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7737880333
Gupo Mountain Forest Park Forest HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7745236938
Suifeng HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7745275158
Wuzhou Galaxy HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7743856688
Wuzhou Labour Union Hotel GuangxiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7742026618
Wuzhou Xinxing Gem HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7743837888
Yonganzhou Guest HouseGuangxi2 Star(+86)7746282060
Chang Jiang HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7755328723
Cygnet HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7752882888
Electricity MansionGuangxi2 Star(+86)7752888618
Guigang HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7754210388
Guiping HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7753369399
Jin Chuan HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7757223217
Jin Hua HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7752882998
Overseas Chinese MansionGuangxi2 Star(+86)7755322216
Pingnan Yuzhou HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7757829388
Qing Yun HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7753131618
Rong Zhou HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7755318888
Tobacco MansionGuangxi2 Star(+86)7752882198
Xiangyang HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7753369128
Xijiang HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7754217818
Xin Hua MansionGuangxi2 Star(+86)7758833318
Yu Cai HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7753287030
Yu Zhou HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7752883515
Baise HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7762883167
Gongxiao HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7762824292
Jingxi Great HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7766217888
Jingxi HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7766212218
National Defence Trainning CenterGuangxi2 Star(+86)7762686000
Pingguo Aluminium City HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7765838299
Pingguo Mingdu HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7765838089
Tianlin HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7767272300
Tianyang HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7763212415
Xinshijie HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7762881208
Qinzhou HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7772897831
Qinzhou Jinhuacha HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7772835408
Jiajia HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7782116555
Jincheng MansionGuangxi2 Star(+86)7782251879
Jinnanhai HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7787215868
Jiulong HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7782303588
Linduo HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7787822612
Luocheng HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7788211818
Yanye HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7783218433
Yuhua HotelGuangxi2 Star(+86)7783224188
Dongyuan Hotel Hepu BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7797191999
Guangzhouwan Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7793087388
Guixin Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7792058908
Haitian Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7793885868
Jinhui Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7793054499
Jinyuan Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7793087225
Minhang Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7793082000
Nanhai Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7792058888
Tiegong Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7793899478
Yangguang Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7796802888
Zhenlin Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7793038336
Zhonglonghai Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7792085888
Zhongyou Hotel BeihaiGuangxi2 Star(+86)7796892866

1 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Nanning Chaoyang HotelGuangxi1 Star(+86)7712116388
Jinshan Hotel WuzhouGuangxi1 Star(+86)7742812078
Yiyuan Hotel WuzhouGuangxi1 Star(+86)7745822167
Xin Yan HotelGuangxi1 Star(+86)7752809800

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