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Welcome to 7 Stars

We Are Gladly Provide you the Hotels Phone Number in Hubei Area for 5 Stars, 4 Stars, 3 Stars, 2 Stars And 1 Star Hotels

5 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Novotel Oasis BeuingHebei5 Star(+86)1084477521
Best Western Premier Mayflowers Hotel WuhanHubei5 Star(+86)2768871588
East Lake HotelHubei5 Star(+86)2767813999
Novotel Xinhua WuhanHubei5 Star(+86)2785551188
Oriental HotelHubei5 Star(+86)2785888668
Ramada Plaza Tianlu HotelHubei5 Star(+86)2783630888
Shangri-la HotelHubei5 Star(+86)2785806868

4 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Seven Star Island Hotel&villasHubei4 Star(+86)2761550004
Hognyi HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2767819888
Jianghan HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2768825888
Central Internationai HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2768829999
Gezhouba HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2768835888
Swiss-belhotel On The ParkHubei4 Star(+86)2768851888
Kingdom HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2768855666
Wugang HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2768864899
White Rose HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2768876888
East Lake HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2768881866
Binhu HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2768892222
Wuhan Workers Holiday VillageHubei4 Star(+86)2769602684
Yangtze HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2783632828
Wuhan Asia HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2783807777
Holiday Inn Riverside WuhanHubei4 Star(+86)2784716688
Gaoxiong HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2785492288
Holiday Inn Tianan WuhanHubei4 Star(+86)2785867888
Liyuan HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2786772029
Haiyi Injiang HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2787126666
Marshal Palace HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2787168888
Taihua HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2787328686
Crown HotelHubei4 Star(+86)2788308888
Rong Hua Infernafional HofelHubei4 Star(+86)7102839877
Hangjiang International HotelHubei4 Star(+86)7103276666
Phoenix ResortHubei4 Star(+86)7113850988
Jinyi Hotel Of XiaoganHubei4 Star(+86)7122885888
Lake Cihu VillaHubei4 Star(+86)7146353333
Jinwan Grand HotelHubei4 Star(+86)7148766666
Jingzhou HotelHubei4 Star(+86)7168467600
Qingjiang HotelHubei4 Star(+86)7176318888
Peninsula HotelHubei4 Star(+86)7176345666
Three Gorgers Project HotelHubei4 Star(+86)7176613666
Gezhouba HotelHubei4 Star(+86)7178866666
JingmenphoenlxgardenhotelHubei4 Star(+86)7242499999

3 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Baofeng HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768833999
Bibo HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787510003
Caiyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768886888
Changhai HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2782818980
Changhang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768825188
Dongfeng HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787865983
Duofu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2769163199
Fuxing Island HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2761551418
Golden Sanjiu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768829999
Golden Sea Civil Aviation HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768852000
Guangxi HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768885000
Gulong VillageHubei3 Star(+86)2787020158
Hong Song HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2784232600
Hongshan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787824112
Huayun HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2782902858
Hubei HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787811311
Hubei Lijiang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787136666
Hubei Post HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768837999
Hubin HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2786793769
Hui Yuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2750708888
Jiang Cheng HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2785876508
Jiaye HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768886788
Jinkai Dongya HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768842888
Jinpai Hongqiao HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768828180
Jinshihua HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2750705556
Jinsui HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768882888
Jun An HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2750539088
Jun Yi HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768833188
Landmark Holiday HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2785882288
Long An HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787770188
Lu Xing HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2784888868
Marshal Palace HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2784460066
Mengtianhu VillageHubei3 Star(+86)2781800199
New Beacon Sunyee HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768882666
New Beacon Xinhang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768842188
New Land HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787812788
Qiao Ya ResortHubei3 Star(+86)2784921185
Qingjiang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2788855588
Sun Island ResortHubei3 Star(+86)2761550883
Tri-ring HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787833333
Wesun HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768826666
Wuhan Xinnong Nanhu Holiday VillageHubei3 Star(+86)2784926892
Wuhan Guest HouseHubei3 Star(+86)2782426476
Wuhan Tianhe Airport HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2785818630
Xi Mu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2785551558
Xin Dong Fang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787816688
Xin Gu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2783240088
Xuangong HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2768822588
Xunlimen HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2785262177
Yangluo HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2786960000
Yangluo Water Village Holiday ResortHubei3 Star(+86)2789630088
Yangtse River Hotel ZhuyeshanHubei3 Star(+86)2768820600
Yinfeng HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2785330188
Zhuodaoquan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)2787881888
AeolushotelHubei3 Star(+86)7103829299
Changhong HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7103242998
China Hubei Xiangfan Nan Hu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7103600088
Jin Cheng Great HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7103220031
Nan SharhotelHubei3 Star(+86)7103552089
Railway Grand HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7109
Chu Wangcheng HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7124323400
Chu Wangcheng HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7124323400
Quanshui Villa Of DawuHubei3 Star(+86)7127238566
Quanshui Villa Of DawuHubei3 Star(+86)7127238566
Fujiazhai Hunting ClubHubei3 Star(+86)7135356129
Fujiazhai Hunting ClubHubei3 Star(+86)7135356129
Hubei Huanggang Linghu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7138669008
Hubei Nanyang Garden HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7136259158
Jinyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7132950889
Longtan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7136222648
Longtan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7136222648
Luotian Tianyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7135058818
Luotian Tianyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7135058818
Royal HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7133352888
Royal HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7133352888
Forward HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7146225941
Forward HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7146225941
Jinlun HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7146320808
Jinlun HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7146320808
Longhu VillaHubei3 Star(+86)7146359666
Longhu VillaHubei3 Star(+86)7146359666
Zhanyue HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7148713391
Zhanyue HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7148713391
Ghibi Jinqiao HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7155355888
Ghibi Jinqiao HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7155355888
Long Quan Mountain VillaHubei3 Star(+86)7155243088
Long Quan Mountain VillaHubei3 Star(+86)7155243088
Sunshine HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7158046888
Sunshine HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7158046888
Far East HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7165239757
Golden Redbud Business HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7164166999
Golden Redbud Business HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7164166999
Honghu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7162425228
Honghu Mandarine Duck Lake HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7162743518
Honghu Ruitai HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7162207888
Hongyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7168263388
Hongyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7168263388
Jingbao HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7168450888
Jinjia HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7168328999
Jinjia HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7168328999
Jiuyang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7165152299
Shishou Chuyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7167299888
Tianshang Renjian HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7168327888
Tianshang Renjian HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7168327888
Chaiyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7175401345
Changbanpo HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7173222550
Changyang Qingxin HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7176316661
Chu Jiang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7176743686
Dangyang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7173255999
Daqiao HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7176055099
Dengyingxia HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7178850599
Dongshan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7176956999
Haili HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7172679888
Hanmingfei HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7172580818
Jingshi HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7177101515
Kangfu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7178869999
Liyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7178867799
Longquan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7178861818
Mingfen HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7173819888
Nanhu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7178866288
Ouyi HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7172811088
Pinghu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7178867788
Prosecutor Training CenterHubei3 Star(+86)7176470918
Qiaomei HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7174820029
Qingjiang Gardon HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7175333111
Sanxiaxiba HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7176276688
Shijixing HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7172888888
Xiangxi HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7172586977
Xiazhou HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7178866888
Yidu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7178851088
Yiling HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7176223611
Enshi Qingjiang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7188221598
Enshi Tianyi HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7188216247
Laifeng HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7186282858
Danjiangkou HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7195222248
Danjiangkou Longshan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7195378188
Hanjiang International HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198488000
Huazhong HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198891899
Huize HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198671841
Jinsui HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198898588
Juneng HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198807000
Lingxiao HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198100000
Linlangxuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198303000
Luyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198889108
Meile HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198662116
Motor City HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198240941
Motor City Mingzhu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198117666
Shennong ResortHubei3 Star(+86)7193452555
Wudangshan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7195665548
Wudangshan Jiulong HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7195689176
Wudangshan Tianlu HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7195689115
Xunyang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7197233232
Yanfeng HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198110500
Yanliang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7198668888
Zhushan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7194225132
Hanjiang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7283223898
Huakang HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7286296888
Huayuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7283225668
Jun Jia HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7285245888
Qiangou HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7283247999
Shine HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7286297111
Xianyuan HotelHubei3 Star(+86)7283236888

2 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Baxiandao HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2785017358
Bribright HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2785261188
Changjiang HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2785668198
Dongfang HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2785669946
Feng Xiang Dao Can Unfold The CenterHubei2 Star(+86)2769543366
Hanghai HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2788740122
Huaxia HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2785796545
Hubei Wuhuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2785799901
Jiangcheng Gerden Holiday, VillageHubei2 Star(+86)2761550182
Jianghan Holiday HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2769841658
Jiangxia HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2787952824
Jinfeng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2782756188
Jing Han HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2787275700
Jinhai HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2785646505
Jinhong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2787710010
Jinyan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2765683600
Jiuzhou HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2751167195
Panlong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2785601320
Provincial Education College Training CenterHubei2 Star(+86)2785009000
Re Dian HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2768866888
Sanjiu Silver Sea HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2768829999
Shanghaitan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2759207988
The Fourth Survey And Design Institute Of China Railway Conference Co. LtdHubei2 Star(+86)2751156821
Tianli Sunshine HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2765655988
Water Spirit HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2787809058
Wugang SihaiHubei2 Star(+86)2789530660
Wuhan Petroleum Larce BuildingHubei2 Star(+86)2785879195
Xin Liang Yuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2768891088
Xin Yue HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2784430008
Xinzhou HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2786920888
Yangtse River Hotel ChangmatouHubei2 Star(+86)2768830788
Yangtse River Hotel HuangpuHubei2 Star(+86)2768820788
Yangtse River Hotel ZongguanHubei2 Star(+86)2783985939
Yatai HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2752101005
Zhongnan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2787815960
Zhuoyue HotelHubei2 Star(+86)2768866808
Bao Kang HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7105812365
Bayi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7103709808
Galaxy HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7105817788
Jieyun HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7105233484
Jincheng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7105817488
Jinqiao HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7105234200
Mi Gong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7103454007
Nanzhang HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7105232256
Shennong GardenHubei2 Star(+86)7103344186
Tobacco HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7105813572
Yinsheng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7107232488
Yo Yi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7103403010
Zaoyang HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7103223793
Zui Xian Ju Hotel Of Xiangfan CtyHubei2 Star(+86)7103155559
Wuchang Fish HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7113227188
Xingdu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7115906999
Chengxi Hotel Of XiaoganHubei2 Star(+86)7122845457
Da Guangming Hotel Of HanchuanHubei2 Star(+86)7128297738
De Anfu Hotel Of AnluHubei2 Star(+86)7125260068
Guanhu Villa Of Double-peak MountainHubei2 Star(+86)7124928008
Huilong Villa Of Double-peak MountainHubei2 Star(+86)7124921487
Jinquan Resort Of AnluHubei2 Star(+86)7125222487
Longquan Hotel Of HanchuanHubei2 Star(+86)7128282081
Mengzhu Hotel Of YunmengHubei2 Star(+86)7124320917
Yangguang Hotel Of XiaochangHubei2 Star(+86)7124762827
Zhuozhou Hotel Of XiaoganHubei2 Star(+86)7122827978
Chibi Hotel HuanggangHubei2 Star(+86)7138352481
Hongyan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7135247888
Shifu Road, Caohe Town, Qichun County, Huanggang, Hubei, ChinaHubei2 Star(+86)7137229999
Xiaochi Taxation HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7133434108
Xishui HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7134238488
Yingshan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7137022222
Yujing Hotel Huang MeicityHubei2 Star(+86)7133333856
Baiguanlou HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146220504
Caiyuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7148870270
Dizhi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7148712648
Haiguanshan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146225931
Haole HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146225559
Huangshi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146321515
Jiayuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146207777
Jubin HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146220051
Liuxing Garden HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146288501
Taohua Quan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7147322490
Taoranlou HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146223181
Xinjia HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146320698
Yangtze HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7146223061
Zhengyuan HoteHubei2 Star(+86)7146298313
Construction Bank Land Lake ResortHubei2 Star(+86)7155356609
Fengchishan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7152395510
Golden Bridge Centre HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7155222957
Hot Spring HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7158255208
Jiayu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7156329708
Jinlu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7153395339
Jinye HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7152422075
Jiugong Workers'sanatoriumHubei2 Star(+86)7152395138
Jiulong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7152422060
Long Quan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7155238291
Mengxin HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7155250869
Post & Telecommunications Apartment HouseHubei2 Star(+86)7158266688
Post HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7155231788
Postal Training CenterHubei2 Star(+86)7158212100
Taoxi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7153395660
Telecommunications Apartment HouseHubei2 Star(+86)7155296788
Yinhu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7152422184
Binyang HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168468583
East Great HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168252113
Honghu Grand HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7162444248
Huatai HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168113000
Huayan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168315519
Jing Zhoulaifeng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168455855
Jingli Business HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168276000
Jingzhou GuesthouseHubei2 Star(+86)7168467341
Jingzhou Jinyuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168245893
Libu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168830168
Lisha HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168214721
Shashi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168212001
Sunshine HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168406888
Three Gorges HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168468456
Yinfeng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168465462
Zhongbo HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7168235777
China Textila HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7176070601
Electricity HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7176441818
Great Wall Hotel YichangHubei2 Star(+86)7176745000
Jiangdu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7172887777
Lumeng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7174902698
Wufeng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7175821638
Yuan'an HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7178310046
Yunji HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7176443104
Zhenchunlou HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7176613666
Badong Jinyuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7184334418
Badong Yanduhe HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7184413599
Enshi Civil Aviation HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7188225370
Enshi Jinxiuheshan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7188235466
Enshi Qingyuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7188249955
Enshi Shuaibaren HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7188215788
Enshi Xuangong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7188222017
Hefeng Jinye HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7185285703
Hongwei HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7188247666
Jianshi Wuling HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7183224928
Laifeng Binhe HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7186272055
Lichuan Changjiang HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7187266488
Lichuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7187282047
Lichuan International HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7187298188
Lichuan Tax HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7187287349
Xianfeng Shijixing HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7186825999
Danjiangkou Dianli HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195215400
Danjiangkou Shuidu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195227779
Danjiangkou Wenyingju HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195379977
Dongfeng Shenlong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198223624
Dongfeng Tiancheng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198224913
Education Reception CentreHubei2 Star(+86)7193337438
Fangxian Hengtong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193223277
Fangxian Hotspring HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193225063
Fangxian Yindu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193226718
Hongcheng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198204666
Huanglong Shuidian HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198585301
Huihe HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198100006
Huijin HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198110988
Huxiao ResortHubei2 Star(+86)7193453998
Jinbin Grand HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193452269
Jiuzhou HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198480988
Lingxigong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193372126
Mantangchun HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193453918
Maojian HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198881209
Muyu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193453278
Muyu ResortHubei2 Star(+86)7193453498
Nature HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193453666
Qingtianpao Holiday VillageHubei2 Star(+86)7193452609
Ronghua HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198899888
Shenlin HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193332030
Shennong Holiday VillageHubei2 Star(+86)7193452546
Shennonggong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193452363
Shennongjia Grand HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193333947
Shennongjia HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193332250
Shennongjia ResortHubei2 Star(+86)7193453088
Taihe HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198663116
Tianlu Holiday VillageHubei2 Star(+86)7193452888
Wudangshan Baihui HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195689191
Wudangshan Caiyuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195665434
Wudangshan Dianli HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195665524
Wudangshan Huiyuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195665458
Wudangshan Xianghe HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195689189
Wudangshan Xuanwu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195689175
Wudangshan Xuanwu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195663366
Wudangshan Yinyuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195665440
Wudangshan Yongle HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195666525
Wudangshan Zhongxin HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7195663996
Xiangyi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7193452389
Youyi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198678825
Yunhe HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198884588
Yunxi People's HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7196225668
Zaifa ResortHubei2 Star(+86)7193453128
Zhongcheng HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7198318289
Zhushan Jiuhuashan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7194661093
Zhuxi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7192722100
Guangshui HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7226232560
Hongsen HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7226245427
Hubei Communications Cadres'training CenterHubei2 Star(+86)7226711024
Jiangyuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7224579618
Lieshan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7223250888
Suifu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7223222968
Tielong HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7223221946
Training Center Of TelecommunicationHubei2 Star(+86)7224579625
Yandi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7223315331
Yundu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7226241018
Zengdu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7223222665
Zhongda HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7226413229
Hongyan Hotel ZhongxiangHubei2 Star(+86)7244263999
Huadi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7242364300
Huji HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7244858583
Jingfu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7248524702
Jingmen Electricity, HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7242366694
Jingmen Huayan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7242385498
Jingmen Post & Telecommunications HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7242380388
JingmenmountainresortHubei2 Star(+86)7242383958
Jingqiao HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7242355599
Jingshan Hot Spring HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7247339068
Jingshan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7247331944
Jinsui Hotel JingmenHubei2 Star(+86)7246056628
Jiuzhou HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7242378500
Railway Hotel Hubei2 Star(+86)7246806680
Seascapegreen HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7242385599
Shayang HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7248551768
Wusan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7247414826
Zhanghebyland HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7246042805
Zhongxing Liangshi HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7244228575
Fenghuang HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7283200358
Golden Wheat HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7285222749
Gulou HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7283223328
Hubei Shihua Hotel Co,ltdHubei2 Star(+86)7285221471
Jiayuan HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7283205777
Overseas Chinese HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7285244688
Tianma HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7283247777
Wuhu HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7283263166
Wuxing HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7283313881
Xiantao HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7283223343
Xingyun HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7283322888
Yingenlou HotelHubei2 Star(+86)7282753179

1 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Dongquan HotelHubei1 Star(+86)2761501017
Zhiyin HotelHubei1 Star(+86)2768849208
Grand Mercure Baolong ShanghaiHubei1 Star(+86)2784882832
Feng Chu HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7103513768
Baokang Telecommunications HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7105810257
Yincheng HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7107234488
Chudong Hotel YingshanHubei1 Star(+86)7137013283
Postal Service Hotel Of AnluHubei1 Star(+86)7145225196
Hengxing HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7146222887
Huaxin HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7146257824
Lu Shui-garden Resort HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7155354538
Jingzhou Zhenhong HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7168236838
Jingzhou Jinjiang HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7168513071
Hongqi Hotel Zhijiang CountyHubei1 Star(+86)7174212919
Education Centre YichangHubei1 Star(+86)7176480426
Tianyuan HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7176853218
Yinwan HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7177835482
Badong Shennong VillageHubei1 Star(+86)7184413209
Fangxian Zhengfu Di'er HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7193224629
Fangxian Xinghe HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7193244998
Zhushan Shenlong HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7194221019
Zhushan Yongdu HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7194225148
Wudangshan Xianghe HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7195689018
Xibinlou HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7244229743
Highway HotelHubei1 Star(+86)7244231800

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