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Welcome to 7 Stars

We Are Gladly Provide you the Hotels Phone Number in Shanghai Area for 5 Stars, 4 Stars, 3 Stars, 2 Stars And 1 Star Hotels

5 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Four Seasons Hotel ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2162568888
Grand Hyatt ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2150471234
Hilton ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2162480000
Hong Qiao State Guest HotelShanghai5 Star(+86)2162198855
Hua Ting Hotel & TowersShanghai5 Star(+86)2164396000
Intercontinental Pudong ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2158356666
Jin Jiang HotelShanghai5 Star(+86)2132189888
Jin Jiang TowerShanghai5 Star(+86)2164151188
Jw Marriott Hotel ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2153594969
Okura Garden Hotel ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2164151111
Peace HotelShanghai5 Star(+86)2163216888
Pudong Shangri-laShanghai5 Star(+86)2168828888
Purple Mountain HotelShanghai5 Star(+86)2168868888
Radisson Plaza Xing Guo Hotel ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2162129998
Regal International East Asia HotelShanghai5 Star(+86)2164155588
Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai HotelShanghai5 Star(+86)2162750000
Shanghai International Convention Centre Oriental Riverside HotelShanghai5 Star(+86)2150370000
Shanghai Jc MandarinShanghai5 Star(+86)2162791888
Shanghai Marriott Hotel HongqiaoShanghai5 Star(+86)2162376000
Sheraton Grand Shanghaitai Ping Yang HotelShanghai5 Star(+86)2162758888
Sofitel Jin Jiang Oriental Pudong ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2150504888
St. Regis Hotel ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2150504567
The Portman Ritz-carlton, ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2162798888
The Westin Shanghai Bund Center ShanghaiShanghai5 Star(+86)2163351888
Xijiao State Guest HotelShanghai5 Star(+86)2162198800

4 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Grand Mercure Baolong ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2135059666
Best Western New Century Hotel ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2136084999
Ramada Pudong Airport ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2138494949
Courtyard By Marriott Shanghai-pudongShanghai4 Star(+86)2138874500
Novotel Atlantis ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2150366666
Four Points By Sheraton Shanghai, PudongShanghai4 Star(+86)2150399999
Ramada Plaza Pudong ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2150554666
Green Garden HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2150812222
Bao An HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2151159888
Royalton HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2152068000
Central Hotel ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2153965000
Shanghai Lansheng HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2155888000
Bao Steel Group Bao Shan HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2156698888
Yuehua HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2157181888
Tong Mao HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2158300000
Holiday Inn Pudong ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2158306666
Ying Yuan HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2159520952
Golden Jade Sunshine HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2161001888
Yanan HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2161331188
Crowne Plaza ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2161458888
Shanghai HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2162480088
Hotel Equatorial ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2162481688
Rendezvous Merry Hotel ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2162495588
City Hotel ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2162551133
Hotel Yihe Longbai ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2162689111
Shanghai Worldfield Convention HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2162703388
Rainbow HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2162753388
Galaxy HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2162755888
Vista ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2162768888
Broadway Mansions HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2163246260
Seagull HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2163251500
Park HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2163275225
Ramada Plaza ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2163500000
Sofitel Hyland ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2163515888
The Bund HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2163522000
Holiday Inn Downtown ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2163538008
Donghu HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2164158158
Regal Shanghai East Asia HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2164266888
Hengshan HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2164377050
Sports HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2164382222
Jianguo Hotel ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2164399299
Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center International HotelShanghai4 Star(+86)2164842500
Ocean Hotel ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2165458888
Hotel Zhongyou International ShanghaiShanghai4 Star(+86)2168758888

3 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Shanghai Bao Dao ResortShanghai3 Star(+86)2159339898
Tian He HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2169690000
Shanghai Kunminghu Hotel VillageShanghai3 Star(+86)2157130500
Shanghai Guhua Garden HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2167181300
Shanghai Golden Seaside ResortShanghai3 Star(+86)2158058858
Shanghai Peach Blossom CastleShanghai3 Star(+86)2158003158
Shanghai Huiheng New Asia HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158010000
Hui Yuan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158020000
Hengshan ComfotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158000000
Dianshan Lake Forest HolidayShanghai3 Star(+86)2159291266
Sun & Moon Island Holiday ResortShanghai3 Star(+86)2159262960
Shanghai Jahwa Training CentreShanghai3 Star(+86)2159248100
Shanghai Oriental Green Boat Holiday ResortShanghai3 Star(+86)2159233168
Nan Hua Yuan Holiday ResortShanghai3 Star(+86)2159794100
Qingpu HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2159850688
Lan Sun Mountain VillaShanghai3 Star(+86)2157651170
Forest HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2157651160
Honglou HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2157822812
Beiyi HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2156676868
Sunrise HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2157282828
Shanghai Jin Shan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2157941888
Gao Qiao Petro-chemical HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158712633
Jin Qiao HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158990890
Jin Li Hua HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158923700
Silk Road HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2165549988
Shanghai Dacon Entertainment CityShanghai3 Star(+86)2156408555
Bothland HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2165428800
Shanghai Jinhui HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164282222
New Garden HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162426688
Shanghai International Airport HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162688866
Homeyo HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162689999
Hua Mao HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162682266
Honggang HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162681008
Shanghai Jinming HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2152781888
Wistaria HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164301888
Technological Trade HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164645558
Huaxia HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164360100
Dazhong HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164288888
Astronautics HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164708188
Tianlin HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164367070
Ramada Shanghai Caohejing HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2154649999
Windsor Evergreen HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2154350888
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158620000
Ya Long HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2150386666
Shanghai Mingren Yuan Garden HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158852988
Renhe HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158601688
Hanghai Shuangyong HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158718898
Jiang Tian HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158705870
Shanghai Zhongdian HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158798798
Pudong HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2168758800
Changhang Merrylin HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2158355555
Baolong Jinfumen HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2156116666
Shanghai Automobile Industry Activities Centre Blue Palace HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2159161000
Jianghai HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2159166258
Tong Xin HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2159166777
Liu Dao Holidays Village ShanghaiShanghai3 Star(+86)2159950464
Shanghai Xinci HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2159568888
Xie Tong HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2159595858
Mei Li Hua Holiday VillaShanghai3 Star(+86)2159592588
Shanghai Hope Garden HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2159158989
Jiading HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2159525512
Ju Yuan Holiday ResortShanghai3 Star(+86)2133802508
Shanghai International Bowling ResortShanghai3 Star(+86)2164582000
Xincheng HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2154151500
Shanghai Jinyan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2154150000
Magnolia HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2165026888
Shanghai Daqing Oil MansionShanghai3 Star(+86)2165559191
Experts Service Center Of Tongji UniversityShanghai3 Star(+86)2165016969
Huajing HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2165189988
Shanghai Piaoying HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163240118
New Asia HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163242210
Shanghai Swan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2156665666
Hongye HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2156718800
Pacific Luck HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163259800
Jiulong HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2165418228
Astor House HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163246388
Xin Min HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2156081188
Zhongya HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163172317
Zhao An HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163172221
Xin Mei East China HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163178000
Shanghai Post & Telecommunications HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163178888
Liangan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163532222
Shanghai Ccecc Plaza HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2156721188
Longmen HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163170000
Far East HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163178900
Huaying Yuanbo HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162526858
Gan Yuan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162727258
Yin Fa HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162556600
Shanghai Fan Yang Downtown ResortShanghai3 Star(+86)2132204567
Bailemen HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162488686
Shanghai Wumao HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162570000
Shanghai Ganghong HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162868800
Riverside HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162609988
Jiangsu HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162051888
Jin Sha HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162578888
Jinchang HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162988899
Xing Hua HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162260123
Shanghai Jinjiang Dahua HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162512512
Shanghai Hansen HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162830355
Hai Yan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2153109888
Yuping HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162333448
Oasis TowerShanghai3 Star(+86)2162865888
Hunan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2162752468
Xindongfang Hotel ShanghaiShanghai3 Star(+86)2162266800
Pine City HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164433888
Jianke HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2154524505
Shanghai Convention Center, Chinese Academy Of Sciences Another Name: Hope HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164716060
West Asia HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164872000
Tian Ping HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2154514567
Shanghai Olympic HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2154524788
Shanghai Jiangong Jinjiang HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164155688
Qing Zhi Lu HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164690808
Jin Xuan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164682222
Hua Ting Guest HouseShanghai3 Star(+86)2164813500
Ymca HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163261040
Shanghai Pearl HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164310880
Mason Hotel ShanghaiShanghai3 Star(+86)2164662020
Jinchen HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2164717000
Lu Yuan HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163306060
Shanghai Classical HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163111777
Shanghai Pacific Hotel Former Hua Qiao Hotel Shanghai3 Star(+86)2163276226
Shanghai Xingyu HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163338888
Metropole HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163213030
Yangtze HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163517880
Wu Gong HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2163260303
Shanghai Charms HotelShanghai3 Star(+86)2153594900

2 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Bai Sha HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165405555
Baoye HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156417979
Bei Ren HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162542100
Chuan Sha HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2158981971
Chun Shen Jiang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163515710
City View Hotel Zhong Shan Branch Shanghai2 Star(+86)2166289189
Dadushi HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163226800
Dian Shan Lake HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159262757
Donghai HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2151385138
Donlin Guest HouseShanghai2 Star(+86)2157320801
East Asia HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163223223
Fan Hua HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165485356
Fortune HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165110000
Golden Island HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163787789
Gong Xiao HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163801818
Great Wall HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165437270
Haibin HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157931355
Haigang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162553553
Hao Jia Fu HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159762778
Hebei HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163531066
Hengfu HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2169691067
Hengshancheng HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2158868686
Hexin Yuan HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159263800
Hong Da HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157525778
Hong Zhu GardenShanghai2 Star(+86)2159242880
Hongsen HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165573038
Hua Yang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2158994440
Huatian Jiari HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156300088
Hufang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162551249
Hui Hai HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156601111
Hui Jing Lou HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163762282
International Center For Cultural Exchange Sisu Shang Wai Hotel Shanghai2 Star(+86)2165318882
Jia Ding Jia Hua HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159927189
Jiang Shan HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157634200
Jiangcheng HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157700446
Jiawei HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2164060633
Jin Xiu HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2169699888
Jiu Yu HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2164989090
Jiuyang Guest HouseShanghai2 Star(+86)2162735100
Ju Heng HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2158012100
Ju Yuan HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2169539111
Kang Qiao HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2158120908
Le Dao GuesthouseShanghai2 Star(+86)2169691788
Le Jiu HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156976969
Lian Tong HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2167251672
Lijing HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163224555
Lin Tong HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165465060
Long Sheng HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157932888
Love Inn HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156722998
Lufeng HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2151017558
Mei Yuan HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162642222
Minhang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2164308121
Nanjing HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163222888
Nanxinyuan HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156961178
Ning Jiang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156608777
Pudong Sports HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2158852744
Qingpu Min Fang Train CenterShanghai2 Star(+86)2159200005
Qingpu Natives Inn Guest HouseShanghai2 Star(+86)2169212777
Red & Blue HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157713228
Ren Min HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163517636
Sea-lion Garden Hotel ShanghaiShanghai2 Star(+86)2164520909
Seventh Heaven HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163220777
Shang Yuan HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2164284500
Shangahi Bin Jiang Vacationing CenterShanghai2 Star(+86)2159338453
Shanghai Caiyuan HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159246666
Shanghai Changxingdao HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156850123
Shanghai East Land Luxury HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2158901777
Shanghai Edinburgh HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157970868
Shanghai Education HallShanghai2 Star(+86)2164378088
Shanghai Guoting HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2167636000
Shanghai Hong Lou Jiayuan HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2167741100
Shanghai International House For EducationShanghai2 Star(+86)2164360440
Shanghai Jiajing HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159714349
Shanghai Jiangong HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162580557
Shanghai Jiugang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165441055
Shanghai Jun Shun HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159621788
Shanghai Karamayi Tianshan Petroleum HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156088677
Shanghai Labour Model VillaShanghai2 Star(+86)2159506600
Shanghai Liangyou HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162873663
Shanghai New Yangtze HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156162222
Shanghai Phoenix HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165020908
Shanghai Railway HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163226633
Shanghai South Asia HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2164358590
Shanghai Weimeisi HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163240040
Shanghai Xin Lan Hua HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2154872808
Shanghai Yin Gang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162166651
Shanghai Yinbo HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2163566288
Shanghai Yingdu HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159667788
Shanghai Yuanhuyuan HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159263117
Shanghaifeishi DashaShanghai2 Star(+86)2156872630
Shanxi Hotel ShanghaiShanghai2 Star(+86)2155888911
She Shan Songpu ResortShanghai2 Star(+86)2157653990
Sheng Xian Ju HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156625001
Shengguang Garden Holiday VillageShanghai2 Star(+86)2157136666
Shinan Holiday VillageShanghai2 Star(+86)2159670006
Shunli Shanhai HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2169698800
Si Zhi HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2166858866
Songjiang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157833820
Songlong HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159152222
Sunshine HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162429220
The Rose HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162059956
Tian Yi HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165650155
Tingfeng HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162100003
Xiang Gang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157938938
Xiang Yang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2154037658
Xie Tong Holiday VillaShanghai2 Star(+86)2159552000
Xin Ye HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2159587777
Xinchao HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2158712555
Xinhong HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2165180088
Yi Ren HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2157255566
Yunfeng Grand HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2162550500
Yunting Holiday HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2166112218
Zhenguang HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2152785918
Zhong Xin HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2158995678
Zhongyue Yuanjing HotelShanghai2 Star(+86)2156618518

1 Stars Hotels

Hotel Name Area Stars Phone Number
Intl Code Area Code Number
Shanghai Yu You Restaurant Service Co., LtdShanghai1 Star(+86)2156673210
Hua Fang HotelShanghai1 Star(+86)2156867979
Shen Jia HotelShanghai1 Star(+86)2158856101
Zi Yun HotelShanghai1 Star(+86)2162332133
Mei Gang HotelShanghai1 Star(+86)2162830114
Nanhe HotelShanghai1 Star(+86)2163223991
Guyuan HotelShanghai1 Star(+86)2165397822

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